Accessibility for Australia

Following the launch of the new national disability strategy for Australia 2021 to 2031, Direct Access is working with organisations to deliver significant accessibility outcomes under the seven outcome areas. These include:

Increase employment of people with disability – enabling employers to create inclusive workplaces through facility audits. The unemployment rate of working-age people with disability is 10% (113,000) compared to 4.6% (544,000) without according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

People with disability can fully participate in social, recreational, sporting, religious and cultural life – Australia is a proud sporting nation. Direct Access goes beyond physical site audits to strategic planning and service development for community services, events and facilities.

The built and natural environment is accessible – we endorse the approach of the national disability strategy to follow universal design principles that enables everyone, regardless of age or ability, to use buildings, transport or parks without the need for specialised or adapted features. An inclusive environment benefits the entire community including expecting mothers, senior citizens and temporary injured.

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Understanding the role of the Australian Building Code and Australian Standards is essential in creating accessible environments especially with changes resulting from COVID.

Transportation systems are accessible – we draw on our international rail expertise developing public, private and community transportation policies and systems to support communities. It is not just the physical access of entry points, digital accessibility, frequency of services and journey information is essential. 

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