Case Study:
Evacuation Expo 2020

Direct Access supplied over 160 of our evacuation chairs to Expo 2020 Dubai. These were for all areas of the site with the exception of the International Pavilions.

Our chairs were stationed in all of the site’s restaurants, the media centre, and thematic district pavilions. These were all standard types of our Evacuation Chairs. 

Direct Access also provided our motorized chair for the water feature to ensure that wheelchair users could be evacuated upwards if need be. For this type, we provided our training course to site staff and personnel.

Direct Access Evacuation Chairs are lightweight and intuitive in operation, allowing the provision of safe, dignified egress for mobility impaired visitors of Expo, who may have found the site’s labyrinthian structure and various staircases a barrier to safety.

Our implementation of Evacuation Chairs across the site allowed Expo’s internal service providers and staff to comply with Dubai’s Universal Design Code, a new legislation setting out rules for accessible, barrier-free buildings. In addition to Evacuation Chairs, we also provided Expo 2020 with hearing loops and oversaw management at the event with the goal of maximising inclusivity and truly universal design.

Direct Access Evacuation Chair

Designed and built in Germany to the highest standard, the Direct Access Evacuation chair can always be relied upon. For more information, click the button below.

Steven Mifsud stood by an Expo 2020 Sign leaning on a Direct Access Evacuation Chair

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