Case Study:
Expo 2020

hearing loop, also known as an assistive listening system or audio loop is a specialist sound system for those that use hearing aids. The ‘loop’ transmits an audio signal directly into a hearing aid enabling the wearer to hear sounds with reduced or eliminated background noise.

For Expo 2020 Dubai, the world’s first World Expo in the Middle East, Direct Access were the sole provider of all counter induction loops used on site. Our installation team set out to to install loops in all of the POD service desks at the welcome plazas, ticketing areas, as well as the retail outlets selling Expo2020 merchandise. We also fitted counter loops within the 8 Visitor Information Centres and provided all of the training to ensure that Expo staff were aware of how to use the systems across the six months the exposition took place at all times.

Our implementation of hearing loops across the site allowed Expo’s internal service providers and staff to comply with Dubai’s Universal Design Code, a new legislation setting out rules for accessible, barrier-free buildings. In addition to induction loops, we also provided Expo 2020 with Evacuation Chairs and oversaw management at the event with the goal of maximising inclusivity and truly universal design.

Counter Induction Loop

The Direct Access Under the Counter Induction Loop is a bespoke hearing assistance device designed in conjunction with Ampetronic for those who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

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Direct Access Under the Counter Loop

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