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Direct Access provides, as part of a four-year contract, NRCPD registered sign language interpreters to NHS organisations across England, Scotland and Wales.

Our services cover the full range of medical requirements from outpatient clinics to inpatient pre- and post-surgical appointments.

Direct Access delivers within these NHS SBS regions:


The new framework provides vital communication services for NHS hospitals, medical clinics, GP and dental practices for both in and out patients across nine NHS regions. Direct Access won the opportunity to supply in eight regions including all of Scotland and Wales. Established in 2004, Direct Access is the UK’s leading accessibility consultancy advising organisations on physical access to premises.

“As lockdown restrictions ease and hospital appointments resume, providing sign language interpreters to enable deaf and hard of hearing people to communicate with medical professionals became the next logical step from suppling masks,” said our Director Steven Mifsud MBE, who is also profoundly deaf.

“We will be providing NRCPD registered sign language interpreters from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands for both routine and emergency medical appointments.”

Direct Access is deaf-owned and deaf-run providing an inherent understanding of the barriers that deaf and hard of hearing people face. I am delighted our team will be addressing these barriers to ensure equitable access to healthcare for deaf people.”

If you own a facility or are part of an organisation that wishes to meet best practice obligations under the Equality Act, why not get in touch with us today? Our team will ensure that you take the steps to not only do the right thing with your budget but open the door to the social and financial benefits that come only as a result of providing BSL content for disabled people.

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