Case Study:
Expo 2020

Direct Access worked alongside the sustainability team at Expo 2020 to successfully ensure that the site management of the event was achieved sufficiently from an operational point of view.

Our site management responsibilities included arranging POD tours, school tours, distribution of the sunflower lanyard, an immediate and iconic identifier of disability which Direct Access introduced to the event and wider region of Dubai.

In addition to training staff in potential barriers, Direct Access implemented sign language interpreters as and when required, and advised Expo teams on Pod etiquette. We also regularly checked operational readiness of areas such as quiet rooms and sensory pods. We also provided a bespoke QR code system and multi-media options for disabled visitors to access information about the event.

Advising local media outlets, Direct Access worked to ensure the correct message was put out concerning event inclusivity and accessibility. Working with the main Expo website, Expo social media teams, and both Expo apps, which included the main Expo app and the PODway app.

Under our guidance, Expo’s internal service providers and staff were able to comply with Dubai’s Universal Design Code, a new legislation setting out rules for accessible, barrier-free buildings. In addition to site management, we also provided Expo 2020 with hearing loops, and evacuation chairs, with the goal of maximising inclusivity and truly universal design.

Direct Access helps organisations develop programming and curation for accessible events on both a short-term and long-term basis. For more information, click the button below.

Steven Mifsud holding a Sunflower Lanyard

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