An FAQ on the Equality Act and Disability

What is meant by the Equality Act / DDA ‘reasonable adjustment’?Access for Wheelchair Users

This may seem like a bit of a grey area at first glance, but what this means is that an adjustment should enable people with a disability to easily access your services. The term ‘reasonable adjustment’ is used a number of times within disabled law and many factors need to be taken into account to comply with legislation. We can give you guidance on how to ensure your adjustments are sufficient and in line with the latest legislation.

What are economic benefits of disabled access?

This is a very important consideration. There are 10 million disabled people in the UK with a combined annual disposable income of 80 billion pounds. This certainly makes for a strong business case and many organisations and companies have taken the necessary steps to ensure disabled people and their friends and family can easily access their services.

What are the social benefits of disability access?

As a business or organisation you should be doing all you can to meet the needs of your customers whether they have a disability or not. Embracing disabled access and opening your environment up to potential customers with wheelchairs and baby buggies means you never have to lose out on their valuable custom.

Where do I start?

That’s a great question and one we get asked a lot. At Direct Access Consultancy we will be with you every step of the way and always recommend you kick things off with an Access Audit. This will help us to gauge how accessible your building is right now and what provisions can be made to improve access in the future. Access barriers exist in the most unlikely places and our Access Consultants will help you to ensure you comply with the latest legislation and make your environment accessible to all.

What are the consequences of doing nothing?

Well, the most notable consequence could be legal action being taken against you. You will also be missing out on a large number of customers who want to do business with you but can’t because of access barriers that exist. In other words, we always recommend you do all you can to avoid unnecessary legal costs and to ensure you reach your full market potential.


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