Deaf Awareness Week

This week is Deaf Awareness Week. It aims to raise awareness of the needs of the 1 in 6 Deaf or hard of hearing people in the UK. This year’s theme is acquired deafness.

Acquired deafness is generally seen as a result of ageing due to degeneration of sensory cells. But acquired deafness can also come from meningitis, measles and mumps; injury to the head or ear; excessive noise both occupational and recreational, regular attendance at concerts, nightclubs, bars and sporting events.

Since 2019 Direct Access has been supplying and installing hearing induction loops. A hearing aid amplifies all sounds, including any background noise. In busy environments this makes it difficult for users to understand speech or conversation. Induction loop systems overcome this problem. Speech is picked up through a microphone, converted to magnetic impulses by the driver and transmitted via a loop aerial. This magnetic signal is picked up by the telecoil within hearing aids and converted back to speech. For more information check out our products

The guide highlights small steps that businesses can take that do not require significant investment from clear signage to reducing noise levels and even simply engaging with the person.

People with dementia may lack confidence in travelling, communicating in noisy environments and become confused in unfamiliar surroundings. Even if something simple as a window display being moved could cause confusion.

“When businesses are dementia friendly, they benefit from being seen to be socially responsible,” said Steve Dering, Chief Operations Officer at Direct Access. “People feel reassured and part of the local community. They may spend more and will return again and again when they know somewhere that they are comfortable.”

Ben Selby, Chair of Creating Dementia Friendly Nantwich and owner of local Home Care company, Right at Home said “It’s been brilliant to tab into local expertise to create this toolkit, which we hope will make becoming a dementia friendly business more straightforward than some business owners may think.”


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