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Direct Access joined forces with the Creating Dementia Friendly Nantwich local volunteer group to produce a guide to help local businesses to become more dementia friendly. In Nantwich 43.8% of residents are over fifty.

The Dementia Friendly Nantwich Guide for Businesses supports local firms in accommodating visitors living with dementia through top tips, facts and figures as well as signposting to additional resources. With 225,000 people being diagnosed each year in the UK and an ageing population there is a strong business case for being accessible.


Dementia Friendly Nantwich PDF


The guide highlights small steps that businesses can take that do not require significant investment from clear signage to reducing noise levels and even simply engaging with the person.

People with dementia may lack confidence in travelling, communicating in noisy environments and become confused in unfamiliar surroundings. Even if something simple as a window display being moved could cause confusion.

“When businesses are dementia friendly, they benefit from being seen to be socially responsible,” said Steve Dering, Chief Operations Officer at Direct Access. “People feel reassured and part of the local community. They may spend more and will return again and again when they know somewhere that they are comfortable.”

Ben Selby, Chair of Creating Dementia Friendly Nantwich and owner of local Home Care company, Right at Home said “It’s been brilliant to tab into local expertise to create this toolkit, which we hope will make becoming a dementia friendly business more straightforward than some business owners may think.”


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