Medicine Gallery

Direct Access will shortly begin an exciting new project with the Science Museum Group, as we are currently recruiting disabled people to be involved in an accessibility evaluation of the Medicine Gallery at Science Museum London.

This builds on our previous contract where we audited key museum sites in Manchester, Bradford and Shildon, as well as for the Technicians Gallery in the very same building on the London site. This project represents an opportunity to involve disabled people of all abilities to access physical, sensory and cognitive & neurodiverse accessibility across the Medicine gallery at the Science Museum. The group recruited will be supported by Direct Access to review the gallery and exhibits and the approach to the museum and navigation from the entrance of the museum that form part of the wider visitor experience. 

The Science Museum Group has adopted a very progressive approach that will focus not only on the accessibility of the exhibits themselves but also on the content in order to improve disability representation. Key to this aim will be empowering disabled people to become involved in remunerated independent accessibility assessment that Direct Access will help to facilitate. 

Museum visitor views in a 1980's operating table set up at an exhibition in the Medicine Gallery
Technicians: The David Sainsbury Gallery

Direct Access are known for our involvement and engagement with disabled people both as an employer and in the services we provide for our clients.  We see this project as an opportunity to provide a fresh perspective on accessibility for the Science Museum Group and we are very much looking forward to getting started. 

Our past work for the Science Museum Group involved the accessibility team mapping out the customer journey to identify all the touchpoints including pre and post-visit. The goal of this was increase not only physical accessibility on site, but to ensure that neurodiverse visitors such as autistic, blind, deaf or partially sighted know what to expect upon their visit to any of these Science Museum Group buildings.

A little girl handles objects on a able displayed at a touch exhibition with her mother

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