After four years as the Universal Design consultants for Expo 2020 Dubai, the first Middle East World Exposition started on 1 October and will end in March 2022. We have a team on the ground leading the accessibility curation and programming for the event, covering 1,028 acres.

Of course, inclusion does not always mean there needs to be ‘grand gestures’, Sometimes the simplest things can be significant such as welcoming and recognising the Sunflower Lanyard, an iconic symbol and identifier of disability which Direct Access has introduced to the event are all it takes. 

Expo 2020 brings several firsts to the region, including Changing Places facilities, service dog relief areas, quiet spaces for autistic visitors and the sunflower lanyard scheme. For further information about Direct Access’ recent global exploits, click here.

Are you looking to make your site accessible to thousands of disabled people? Feel free to contact us and lay out your specific needs so that we can find improvements to suit your needs or budget. Or alternatively, have a look at our Access Consultancy options. We are here to help, because for us, access is personal.

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