Free School Access Audit Checklist

Free School Access Audit Checklist
We have released a free school access audit checklist that may be downloaded and used. We hope this will be helpful and will give your school some ideas on how to become an inclusive establishment.

When a school access audit is undertaken by Direct Access Consultancy you would get a qualified access auditor who would also write a detailed accessibility / action plan and a report that contains lots of photographs. This is a very simple version of our report, which is far more detailed. Our access audits would also ensure that the school is doing what it can to meet obligations under the Equality Act 2010. For more details on our access audits for schools please click here or visit our homepage, which is

Please note that this free school access audit checklist may not be copied or reproduced by any means without prior written permission from Direct Access Consultancy. Express permission must be sought from Direct Access Consultancy prior to any part or wording of this free school access audit checklist report being published online on your school’s website (we don’t mind as long as we are asked first) No other party may use, make use of or rely on the contents of this report. Direct Access Consultancy Ltd accepts no liability for use of this checklist and this checklist does not and should not replace a professionally undertaken access audit report.

The school access audit checklist can be downloaded below. If your school would like this school access audit checklist in Word format please contact us and we would be happy to provide.


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