His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, recently issued Law No. 3 of 2022 on the rights of people with disabilities in the emirate of Dubai. In addition, the ruler of Dubai issued Executive Council Resolution No. 1 of 2022 pertaining to the Executive Regulation of the Law on the rights of people with disabilities in the emirate of Dubai, which seeks to ensure the inclusion and integration of people of determination into society and enable them to fully participate in all aspects of life.

“Person of Determination” is the recommended term for Disabled People in the UAE and Dubai, and this Law succeeds other forward-thinking ideas curated by his Highness’ government, who are determined to improve society for people of determination. These include the Universal Design Code, which set out comprehensive design standards for architecture in service of accessibility for people of determination, as well as Law No. (2) of the year 2014 on Protecting the Rights People with Disability in Dubai Emirate.

This new Law also seeks to include people of determination in the process of drafting policies and legislations that concern them or may affect their quality of life. The Law is aligned with the efforts of the Dubai Government to develop a comprehensive legal framework that protects the rights of people of determination and ensures their integration into the broader community.

The Law also lays the groundwork for the rights of disabled people to services provided by public services and independently managed businesses, setting out rights for inclusive education at each stage, rehabilitation, inclusive job opportunities as well as social services such as therapy and healthcare. Relevant entities should also offer people with disabilities the ability to access data and information through various platforms and inform them about their legal rights.

The Law also seeks to ensure people with disabilities can access banking services and participate in various sports and entertainment programs, among others. The Law also outlines the tasks and responsibilities of government entities in implementing this Law.

The Law also creates a permanent committee to see this Law is carried out accordingly nationwide named the ‘Higher Committee to Protect the Rights of People of Determination’. This committee is tasked with supervising all affairs concerning people of determination in Dubai, and implementing policies, plans, and initiatives aimed at protecting their rights. They will also develop further legislation proposals with the aim to protect the rights of people with disabilities and discover radically new ways to allow their integration into society.

The Dubai Statistics Centre has been tasked with creating a database of people with disabilities in Dubai, which will be used as a reference by decision-makers for strategic planning and government policy development on matters concerning people of determination.

This new Law is effective as of its publication in the Official Gazette, and Violators of the new Law and the decisions issued pursuant to the Law will be subject to fines listed in the Executive Regulation of the Law.

Direct Access are proud to continue our work as Directors of Accessibility at Expo 2020 Dubai; the biggest international exhibition ever held on Middle Eastern soil. We continue to carefully curate Expo’s accessibility measures so that people of determination who visit can enjoy it to the fullest degree and in accordance with the Law, right up to its conclusion this coming March.

Recently, we have also secured contracts to work with Saudi and Middle East Architectural firms on office developments and educational provision as part of the Diriyah Gate development.

Are you looking to make your site accessible to thousands of disabled people? Feel free to contact us and lay out your specific needs so that we can find improvements to suit your needs or budget. Or alternatively, have a look at our Access Consultancy options. We are here to help, because for us, access is personal.

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